Blood,Thyroid,Pathology,Hormone Test Lab in Delhi NCR

If you are looking forward to have a lab test then with Portea it is quick and easy. Some of our wide range of tests includes Blood Urea Nitrogen test, Complete Blood Count Test, Uric Acid Test, Lipid Profile and many more tests. We provide various health packages for you and for your family. You can book appointment for your test online or visit our lab. Our sample collectors will visit your home, collect your samples and reports will be emailed to you on the same day, you don’t need to visit anymore

To become the first choice health care service provider for customers in all the markets that we operate in.

What do we offer in

  • Diabetes Health Check Package:  This test comprises of sugar screening tests, cholesterol test, lipid profile test, kidney tests and many more diabetes related tests. This package is specially designed for people who suffer from irregular Sugar and Glucose Problems.
  • Executive Health Check for Men:  This lab test package is ideal for people who have stressful life. Various tests like Sugar screening tests, cholesterol, liver tests, thyroid tests and kidney tests are included in this health package which is specially designed for men.
  • Executive Health Check for Women:  Today there are many necessary tests which every women should have during regular interval of time. We have a special executive health check-up package for women that include tests like Sugar Screening, Lipid Profile and various types of thyroid tests.
  • Health Check Package for Hypertension:  This health check-up package is especially for people having hectic life schedule with irregular diet patterns. This life schedule leads to increase in risk of getting heart deceases and other cardiac problems. This package reduces these kinds of risk factors.
  • Neurology

How can we help you in Thyroid, Blood Test

If you are looking forward to get your lab tests done or health package then send us request online or call us and we will send our Phlebotomist to your home. He will collect your samples accordingly to your convenience. Then after checking your samples, reports will be mailed to you online and no need to worry about reliability of reports as we are certified partners of NABL